About Us


About Radiance Training Centre

Learning should be a lifelong passion. At Radiance Training Centre (RTC), our vision is to be the premier educational centre in Singapore that delivers the best results for all our students. We strive to deliver creative, student oriented and innovative materials that will support students in their primary, secondary and JC education.

If you are passionate enough to chase your dreams come join us at RTC. Let us be your co-pilot in your learning. The sky is the limit!

Our Mission

To transform every child into confident learners who excel in life and to create an enjoyable learning journey for every parent with their precious child.

At RTC, we believe that every child has the potential to excel in life and we are here to help them fulfill their potential. Learning shouldn’t be a difficult journey, allow us to help both yourself and your child and enjoy the process of the transformation.

The RTC Experience

Enjoy your learning. At RTC, we believe that students learn best when they are engaged and having fun. That is the reason why we always inject the fun element into all our lessons.

Expand your horizon. Why be restricted to a particular way of learning? At RTC, we encourage our students to keep challenging the norms and usual practices. Why stick to the norms when you can come up with new and better ways to solve the problems?

Enabling successes. We are the catalyst and enabler for your child’s success. Allow us to be the spark that ignite the passion for learning for your child.

Our Team

All our classes are taught by current or ex-MOE teachers who are well versed in the current syllabus and understand the learning needs of your child. Our curriculum specialist and teaching team comprises ex-HOD, Senior Teachers and Subject Heads from established schools. Armed with their wealth of teaching experience and dedication, the RTC team is committed to delivering the best learning experience your child can get.

Cheryl Tang

Mathematics Teacher

Genevieve Lim

Science Teacher

Joseph Nikolaus

English Teacher

Elissa Wong

Chinese Teacher

Mrs Sim was trained in National Institute of Education (NIE) and taught Maths in a secondary school in the West for almost a decade. She was also an Assessment Officer from the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) which collaborates with MOE on all national examinations, including GCE N and O-Level. Ms Sim graduated with cum credit in Applied Mathematics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She won several awards for being the top Mathematics student during her undergraduate days.

Ms Ong has a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (Nanyang Technology University), and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Education by the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She has more than ten years of teaching experience in established primary and secondary schools in the West. While she was teaching in MOE, she was invited by Teachers’ Network to conduct workshops for MOE teachers. With a wealth of teaching experience behind her, Miss Ong has helped many students realize their dreams of achieving excellent results in the O level.

Mr Prabhu was awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) by the National Institute of Education in 2010. He has more than nineteen years of teaching experience in both MOE primary schools and secondary schools. He specialises in the teaching of primary and secondary English and Creative Writing and has successfully overseen numerous graduating classes. Other than always being clear in his instruction, he also makes his lessons interesting by introducing games and other fun activities that get students excited and engaged.

Ms Kim Kim graduated with a Bachelor Degree from the National University of Singapore, and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Education by the National Institute of Education in 1998. She has more than fifteen years of teaching experience in MOE secondary schools and specialised in teaching Secondary Mathematics. She is a very dedicated tutor who is committed to help her students excel in their studies. Known for her patience and clarity in her explanation, she has won the trust of many parents and students.

Mr Ng holds a Masters of Education from National Institute of Education (NIE) and has more than 10 years of teaching experience. He was awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) by NIE and has been teaching Elementary Maths and Additional Maths in MOE secondary schools. Well known for his dedication and humour, he is able to engage his students in learning and bring them to the next level for their national examinations.

Mr Chan graduated from Nanyang Technological University, and was awarded Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in 2011. He has been teaching for various top school in Singapore and Specialises in teaching Secondary Mathematics and Principles of Accounts. Equipped with his past work experience before joining the teaching industry, Mr Chan is well known to liven up the class by relating concepts with real life situation.

Mr Chua graduated from Nanyang Technological University and received his teaching training in the National Institute of Education. He was awarded the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in 2005 and has been dedicated in teaching ever since. Fuelled by his passion for teaching, Mr Chua furthered his studies and was awarded the Master in Education in 2015. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience in MOE schools and specialises in teaching Primary Mathematics, English and Science and Secondary Mathematics.

Mr Ching is an experienced MOE trained teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. He has multiple qualification under his belt such as Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Mathematics), Master of Technology (Knowledge Engineering), Master of Science (Computational Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Merit (Mathematics and Computational Science). Beside having teaching experience in MOE Secondary schools, Mr Ching has been lecturing Pure Maths in Singapore Institute of Management and National University of Singapore as well. A meticulous and caring teacher, he is often able to break complex concepts and problems into smaller, understandable parts.

Mr Lim holds a Bachelor in Science (Biological Science) with Honours from Nanyang Technological University and has more than 4 years of teaching experience. In addition, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education and has been teaching Physics, Biology and Lower Secondary Science in MOE secondary schools. Appreciated for his clear and concise explanations, Mr Lim is patient in bringing his students towards better understanding and appreciation of Science and eventually helping them do well for their national examinations.